These were some of the many reactions I received from my friends, family members, and followers when I told them I was coming to Pakistan.
And all I can do is shake my head and laugh!!
I've been in Pakistan almost a week already, and there has not been one instance where I felt unsafe.  The people of Pakistan are incredibly warm and hospitable, and they will literally break their back to make sure that I am enjoying myself in their country.  
I've never experienced this kind of hospitality in my life. 
Am I saying that Pakistan is 100%?  Not at all.  You need to take normal precautions, just like you would do anywhere else in the world.  But what I am trying to tell you is that the reputation you've heard on the media about Pakistan is completely and utterly false.  
P.S. --  for the record, nobody told me to make this video and it is not sponsored by anyone.  These are my 100% honest feelings from my experience in Pakistan so far.  The truth is that I can never say enough about how amazing this Pakistan is.
Credit | Drew Binsky

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