Lahore, Pakistan (92 News) | India had planned missile attack on Pakistan of that Islamabad had received intelligence report on Monday.
According to the sources, India wanted to target Pakistan, adding that following intelligence reports, Pakistan thwarted their planned missile attack.
The sources also said that India wanted to impose war on Pakistan with the help of another country. It also said that the country’s intelligence was already aware of the Indian attack.
The sources also mentioned that India was aware about Pakistan would respond befittingly if missile strike was carried out against it.
“India’s two planned attacks were foiled following intelligence reports. Pakistan had shared Indian plan to target Pakistan with friendly countries and told them and the international community Islamabad wants peace with New Delhi,” the sources further explained.
Indian forces are unable to enter the Pakistani territory, however, there is fear India could plan a terrorist attack inside Pakistan, the sources said.
The official sources said there is no contact between Pakistan and Indian government.
According to the sources, India wanted to target Bahawalpur and Karachi while India was prepared to launch a missile attack on the airbase of Pakistan.
Pakistan’s airspace was closed in view of these reports. India had reportedly planned a dangerous attack on Pakistan from Rajasthan. The attack was foiled on the basis of intelligence reports.


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