The State of the American Church | Mark L Turcio

My Burdens As A Pastor Concerning the Western Church

The selfishness that prevails in the churches today. We ask of God for our desires to be filled. Our loved ones to be healthy. Our pets to be safe. Our fun, our education, our wedding, our complexion, Our Hair, our car, our safety to work school snow and rain. Our needing a mate for our identity, our children, our lifestyle of ease, comfort, prosperity, our health.

Whens the last time you prayed to know Jesus Christ More? To love him more? To serve him and be willing to face persecution because of him?

When was the last time you prayed for God`s wisdom to direct your life? To be conformed to Jesus Christ? For the Spirit to put to death the sins in your life?

When was the last time you asked for grace to know the love of Christ which surpasses our limited capacities to know?

The deadness of the American church. We go to be entertained, amused, Preachers are telling their congregations “God wants the best for your life now”, we file in on Sunday we file out. We go to a community groups to hang out or act superior to others. We have made Christianity into a non- sacrificial, painless, Lazy, saltless, lightless, non-exerting phenomena that is unheard of in all Christian history. A faithless cowardly group that seeks to blend in when among their peers, colleagues, employers, for the fear of persecution. God forbid you call this self-deception out you are called everything from a legalist to a puritan.

The lack of deep meditation and personal reading on the word. We become too busy to pray and meditate on God`s word. We cling to “read the bible in a year” so we can comfort our consciences by saying I read the whole bible. When asked why we don’t have or make time? The typical response is; Life is so busy with a smile on our faces. Yes, we have time to go to happy Hour Vacations Gym Paint nights Yoga hanging out with girls Hanging out with the men. Yet to appease our conscience we go to church.

We cling and devote ourselves to a land that is not ours. We take political sides. We spend hours watching our favorite narratives that fuel our hatred toward the other opinion. In the meantime, these narratives are geared to make you follow them. They keep your eyes fixed on their agenda. This land is your land this land is my land. We will spend our money, time, and our resources. We will read listen and follow the narrative we like for a land that is not our home. We have forgotten to meditate and seek the things above. We have forgotten the Covenant God made with our fathers. This is not our home. We are a people seeking our homeland. Our temporary location is to bear witness to our savior not blend in with our culture but to preserve the culture by the Life Death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We have deadened our conscience to sin. The world has woven us into its web where sin is a part of life Christians today do not mourn over their sins They do not seek to mortify sin, they do not see the 2nd part of the cross as the death to the power of sin. Yet they make claims the church is a hospital. Actually, the church is hospice and the sanctuaries are the morgues.

The Bling/glitter of this world has blinded us from the beauty of Jesus Christ. Our idols of worship today are our physical bodies, Homes, prestige, honor, we will spend thousands of dollars to maintain our bodies and our happiness under the notion of the culture “I am entitled” or “I deserve this”.

We have lost the true meaning of grace. We are entitled to it. We are entitled to have everything we want because we believe in God. A Life of ease. I life of acceptance. I life that enables me to have fun and trips and family time and if something interrupts this be it Illness sudden death Drugs addictions we cast our fists to the heavens and scream at God. Yet we go to church top appease our conscience

Pastors look at church as a job, not a vocation. Some have sold their souls out for their income and ease they have made for themselves in the church. They come out of their seminaries and preach their alma maters stance instead of Christ Sin Justification redemption sanctification Mortification glory. They teach them to follow them. They teach them to idolize them they teach them to depend on them. We need pastors who will pave the way as a model of faith in Jesus Christ a pastor who will make it all about Jesus a pastor who is also a disciple who leads by example.

Congregations don`t want to be told to serve Christ. Today if you mention the Pastor`s /elders role in the church, biblically to equip the saints for the work of ministry and call them to become fowlers of Christ. To expect persecution because our Master and Lord was persecuted. The church becomes a portrayal of the exodus. When the Pastors talks about self-denial, self-sacrifice, preaching the Command of Christ to make disciples! The congregation starts not to trust their leaders. People will start to gossip “the Pastor is all about his agenda, not ours”. “We did not hire him to tell us we need to change”.

Prayers are lifted up for our comforts, needs, selfish ambitions. We see God as our divine bellboy who is supposed to answer us whenever we need something. In the meantime never sacrificing ourselves to Him except the Sundays we have nothing better to do! We suffer from loneliness and get angry with God because he has not given us a mate. Yet we never pray and ask Him to fill us with the Love of Christ that passes our limited knowledge. We never ask God to fill us with the one in whom all the fullness of deity resides. Why? Because so many don’t ever consider how filling, satisfying, Jesus Christ is!

Old Churches have become social clubs for family members who built it, maintain it, according to their own desires and likes. They pay lip service to God by saying Jesus is Lord of the church, Yet, They do not want to submit even their bylaws to glorify Christ. They invent ways to reach out. They develop scholarship funds for their own. They never clean up the rolls of membership. One could not even attend yet come to a meeting and have say for the direction of the church. Praise God that these churches are self-destruction, given over to the culture under the idea of being relevant. Which really means making church look and blend in the cultural way of the nation in which they find themselves. I am amazed on how they pray for their own agenda then ask God to bless their agenda.

Churches have become classified by a socioeconomic standard. If someone walks in who is broken or different from the life timers who attend the church since the 1950` s They are looked down out.
Ridiculed or used as a benchmark for the self-righteous who say “I would never look like that. Why would they do that to their bodies? I never drank or smoked or had kids apart from marriage. I was never divorced. One thing about God`s Grace when one received it that one freely gives it.
They tell people who sat where they are sitting. Or they say that seat is for someone else. When fellowship happens they talk to gather information then spread their gossip to others. Yet they go to church and think they are ok.

When Churches are not structured biblically. Non-biblical people make and set the structure to cater to the ones that put it together. These churches have executive committees made up of family members and their friends who agree with them. They call the shots on church polity. They have designated fund giving instead of one general fund. It serves as a safeguard against any leader who would seek to restructure the church biblically. They give their tithe but instead of giving to support ministry they give it to maintain building or other funds they have set up. These churches have no doctrinal standard No guidelines for who gets admittance into membership. It’s left up to a vote if you are liked you’re in If you are not you’re not asked. It depends if the executive committee likes you. Tip Off! If you agree with them you will be voted on and visited and liked. If you disagree they say hi and then frown as they walk away. Sadly what escapes their minds is one fact; Its Christ`s Church and those who seek to run his church, their way, will face him to be accountable to him. Many of these churches were planted to reach the people for Christ but through the generations have become family strongholds.

Dr. Mark L Turcio
Lead Pastor, Goshen Hill Church

Fingerprint Authentication Spotted on WhatsApp Android Beta Version

Social messaging application WhatsApp has a myriad of features in the pipeline that are ready to roll out and amongst the updates was spotted a new authentication feature in the Android beta version.
The new feature was unveiled by beta tracker WABetaInfo as it shared screenshots of just how advanced the application is gradually getting, customizing its settings for the ease of their users and providing maximum security.
The screenshot shows how the authentication feature can be enabled through the settings tab and what the interface would be appearing as.
The feature will allow users to lock and unlock their account through a fingerprint sensor and would be enabled through: Settings > Account > Privacy > Use Fingerprint. After getting enabled the application will whether the app should be locked immediately after exiting or after a period of one minute, 10 minutes or 30 minutes.
While the feature may be useful for many, it is presently disabled by default, therefore, won’t be functioning for beta users.
On the other hand, WhatsApp has yet to reveal when the feature will be getting launched. 


These were some of the many reactions I received from my friends, family members, and followers when I told them I was coming to Pakistan.
And all I can do is shake my head and laugh!!
I've been in Pakistan almost a week already, and there has not been one instance where I felt unsafe.  The people of Pakistan are incredibly warm and hospitable, and they will literally break their back to make sure that I am enjoying myself in their country.  
I've never experienced this kind of hospitality in my life. 
Am I saying that Pakistan is 100%?  Not at all.  You need to take normal precautions, just like you would do anywhere else in the world.  But what I am trying to tell you is that the reputation you've heard on the media about Pakistan is completely and utterly false.  
P.S. --  for the record, nobody told me to make this video and it is not sponsored by anyone.  These are my 100% honest feelings from my experience in Pakistan so far.  The truth is that I can never say enough about how amazing this Pakistan is.
Credit | Drew Binsky

If God Is Sovereign, Then Why Evangelize?

Sometimes people ask: “If God is sovereign in salvation, then why do we need to share the gospel?
Orlando Saer’s answer: We share the gospel because we’re told to and because that’s how God works. He delights to use means — people like you and me.
Credit | 9Marks 

Pakistan Abolishes NOC Condition For Foreign Tourists

Islamabad, Pakistan (APP) | Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Hussain on Tuesday said abolishing No Objection Certificate (NOC) condition, under new visa regime for foreign tourists visiting Pakistan, was a landmark achievement.
In a tweet, the minister said that under the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, visa policy has been relaxed to make Pakistan one of the favorite destinations for foreign tourists.
The minister said in his tweet: “Another landmark achieved, NOC regime for foreigners comes to an end, ImranKhanPTI vision is to make Pakistan heaven for tourists and following new visa regime this important policy decision of ending NOC requirements is a leap forward.”
The notification shared by the minister read: "Free movement of foreigners shall be allowed in Open Cantonments except prohibited and restricted areas with visible signboards. The Border crossings will be open and non-restricted".
"AJK & Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral shall be non-restricted / non-prohibited except Pak-China Border, 10 miles; Pak-Afghan Border (Wakhan Corridor), 10 miles; AJ&K (along LoC), 05 miles; GB (along LoC), 05 miles; Siachen (along Line of Actual COntact), 10 miles," it added.

Germany Records Hottest Year in a Century

Berlin, Germany (AFP) | Germany recorded its warmest year in 2018, a period also marked by a drought lasting months, the country´s DWD weather service said Tuesday.
The average temperatures for the year reached 10.5 degree Celsius (50.9 degrees Fahrenheit), a new record high, the DWD said in a statement.
"It was the warmest year in the 138-year temperature records of the national weather service," the service said.
The number of days when temperatures reached 30 degrees and above also hit a record 20, a day more than in 2003.
The number of summer days -- defined as when temperatures are 25 degrees and above -- also reached a record 74, 12 more than in 2003.
"Such a hot summer is linked to heightened pressures and therefore health hazards for sensitive people," the DWD´s climate scientist Thomas Deutschlaender warned.
Months of scarce rainfall and hot sunny weather last year had wreaked havoc on crops.
Water traffic including on the Rhine was also crippled as water levels plunged, forcing ship operators to suspend services to keep vessels from running aground.
The extraordinary weather last year had been seized on by many climate activists to push Germany to hold fast to its pledge to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2020 compared to 1990 levels.
But in its latest annual climate protection report published in June, the government admitted that it was now expecting to achieve 32 percent in reductions compared to 1990.
According to the UN, the last four years were the hottest since global temperature records began, calling it a "clear sign of continuing long-term climate change".

Christian Mother in Pakistan Forcibly Converted, Married and Tortured, She Says

Lahore, Pakistan (Morning Star News) | Returning home from a night shift at a call center on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan on Feb. 25, Naveed Iqbal learned from his sons that a local criminal and three other men had taken his wife away, he said.
He filed a report at the Khana police station. Iqbal said officers took no action – except to alert the suspect, Muhammad Khalid Satti, that he had filed a report against him for abducting his wife, Saima.
“On March 5, police informed me that Saima had been found, but that she had converted to Islam and married Satti,” Iqbal told Morning Star News.
Officers told him to forget about his wife and stop pursuing the case, he said.
Married for 15 years, Saima Iqbal had lived with her husband and their three sons, ages 4 to 14, in the Iqbal area outside Islamabad since 2004, he said.
“Satti is a hardened criminal, and this is not the first time he has targeted Christians,” the 40-year-old Catholic man said. “Some 300-400 Christian families live in the area, and almost everyone has been bullied or tortured by Satti and his accomplices over the years.”
Only after threatening to set himself on fire to senior officers did police register a First Information Report (FIR) against Satti on March 1, four days after the abduction, he said. 
Informing him on March 5 that his 35-year-old wife had married a Muslim, police said she had converted to Islam on Feb. 26, and that a local Muslim cleric had solemnized her marriage to Satti, Iqbal said.
“I refused to believe their story and pleaded with Superintendent of Police Umer Khan to recover my wife,” he said. “On Khan’s order, Investigation Officer [IO] Syed Asif raided Satti’s Dera (outhouse) and recovered Saima from his custody the same day. Satti was arrested and taken into custody.”
Police took her to a women’s shelter in Rawalpindi, where she stayed the night.
“The next morning, the IO went to take her to the deputy commissioner’s office to record her statement, but to her horror, Satti was also present in the vehicle,” Iqbal said. “During the journey, the accused and the IO both threatened Saima to say that she had converted to Islam and married Satti of her free will, otherwise her family would suffer severe consequences. Fearing for our lives, Saima said what she had been forced to say, resulting in a grant of bail to Satti.” 
After her release from the shelter the next day, Iqbal said, his wife told him how she had been abducted, raped, tortured and forced to sign the marriage certificate by Satti and his accomplices.
“She also showed me the torture marks on her body, and how she had been coerced into submitting to the demands of her tormentor,” he told Morning Star News.
After hearing of her ordeal, Iqbal decided to do everything possible to obtain justice. Following his wife’s release, he uploaded a video on Facebook in which the shaken, tearful Saima Iqbal described the crime and appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan for justice, Iqbal said.
“The video was a desperate attempt to get the attention of senior government officials because the police were openly siding with the accused,” he said.
After the video went viral on social media, Iqbal started getting calls of support from various organizations and individuals, he said. On March 18, State Minister for Interior Shehryar Afridi assigned the Islamabad deputy commissioner and the assistant commissioner to investigate.
Two days later, they concluded that Satti had forced her to convert and that her earlier statement was given under duress. Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqaat told Morning Star News that they investigated the incident thoroughly and ordered police to re-arrest Satti on the basis of her second statement.
“Satti has been sent to jail, while the IO and Khana police station house officer has been suspended for criminal negligence,” Shafqaat told Morning Star News.
He assured Iqbal that Satti would be punished in accordance with the law as an example to others who believe they can attack minorities with impunity in the 96-percent Muslim country. But Iqbal said it is unlikely that the accused will be charged with rape as the police intentionally delayed a medical exam for his wife for days. There was little chance of acquiring DNA samples from her person, he said.
“Fortunately, the conversion and marriage certificates are fake, as they do not contain a cleric’s signature,” he said, noting that he has challenged the documents in court.
Iqbal said his wife is suffering from post-traumatic stress from what she suffered.
“She is not the same person now, but I have faith that the Lord will heal her spirit with time,” he said.

Pakistan ranked fifth on Christian support organization Open Doors 2019 World Watch list of the 50 countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian.

Bill Against Forced Conversions Be Resurrected and Passed, Demand Civil Society Groups

Zia Ur Rehman | After recent incidents of alleged abductions of Hindu girls and their forced conversions to Islam, human rights and minority groups have demanded of the Pakistan Peoples Party-led Sindh government to resurrect and pass the bill criminalising forced religious conversions and subsequent forced marriages.
In November 2016, the Sindh Assembly had unanimously passed into law the Sindh Criminal Law (Protection of Minorities) Bill 2015 in a bid to prevent and criminalise forced religious conversions and subsequent forced marriages.
Soon after, the Pakistan Peoples Party leadership succumbed to threats from religious parties, which pressured it to withdraw the proposed law before it could be ratified by the governor.
Under the proposed law, perpetrators could face a minimum of five years and a maximum of life in prison, while minors are forbidden from converting to another religion.
The proposed law was a private bill moved by opposition lawmaker Nand Kumar Goklani of the Pakistan Muslim League-Functional. The bill was passed on the basis of a report of the Standing Committee on Minority Affairs, which had reviewed it.

HRCP’s Call

On Friday, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has called on the Sindh Assembly to “take swift, serious measures to resurrect and pass the bill criminalising forced conversions”.
After two minor Hindu girls in Ghotki were allegedly abducted and converted forcibly to Islam, the HRCP in the statement has said that it is imperative this bill be passed and steps are taken to implement it.
At present, forced conversions are too easily – and too often – disguised as voluntary conversions, leaving minor girls especially vulnerable. The ugly reality of forced conversions is that they are not seen as a crime, much less as a problem that should concern mainstream Pakistan.
The two young girls reportedly abducted in Ghotki are a case in point: that their families were unable to lodge an FIR is shocking. This should be the first line of defence in all such cases.
“The state has a responsibility to all its citizens to protect their freedom of religion or belief. This implies serious introspection into why the 2016 bill against forced conversions was not ratified by the governor at the time, Justice Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui. No reasons were given, nor is it clear whether he returned the bill officially or left it pending,” the statement said.
Equally, the Sindh government should not have given in to pressure from a minority of religious parties which had objected to the bill, it said. “The present Sindh Assembly is morally bound to revisit the bill and ensure it is passed without capitulating to the religious far right or to any individuals or parties that object to its contents or underlying spirit.”

Hindu Rights Groups

Hindu rights groups have also showed their concerns over the recent incidents of abductions and forced conversions of Hindu girls and demanded from the PPP-led Sindh government to get the bill stopping forced conversions passed immediately.
Sanjesh Dhanja, a leader of the Pakistan Hindu Seva, said that the Hindu community in Daharki and other districts of the province protested against the incidents.
“Cases of abductions forced conversions and forced marriages of teenaged Hindu girls were on the rise across Sindh,” Dhanja told The News. “It was high time that the provincial administration be pressurised to pass the law immediately and provide security to the non-Muslim communities in the province.”

Priest Stabbed LIVE On TV at Canada's Biggest Church

Montreal, Canada (AFP) | A priest was stabbed in front of his congregation live on television during morning mass on Friday at Canada´s biggest church, in what police described as an isolated incident.
Footage broadcast on a Catholic television station and picked up by the top-rated CTV network showed a man in jeans, parka and white baseball cap approach Claude Grou at St Joseph´s Oratory in Montreal, in front of 60 horrified parishioners.
He is seen chasing the priest around the altar and standing menacingly over the 77-year-old as he falls to the ground, scattering candles, and a banner, before stabbing his victim.
Witness Adele Plamondon told public broadcaster Radio-Canada the priest -- who escaped with minor injuries -- was about to start reading the gospel, when "this man drew a knife and ran up to stab him."
"I´d thought he was just going to kneel in front of the altar to pray like many people do," she said.
The suspect remained silent during the assault but appeared "very determined," Plamondon added.
Grou recovered enough to get to his feet and is seen backing away as security officers surround the assailant, who drops his knife. Three guards restrained him while others tended to Grou, who appeared to be in shock.
The priest was taken to the hospital, where his condition was said to be stable, with police reporting to AFP that he had been "slightly wounded in the upper body."

Horrible and Inexcusable

The church was cordoned off, but services resumed later in the day.
The 26-year-old suspect, whose name was not released, was scheduled to appear in court on Saturday via video link from a detention facility.
Police did not reveal a motive for the attack, but spokeswoman Caroline Chevrefils told AFP he is "known to police."
"This was an isolated attack, and there is nothing to link it to terrorism," she added.
Church spokeswoman Celine Barbeau said Grou was conscious when he was rushed from the scene.
"We are hopeful he will pull through," she added.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke out to condemn the "horrible attack" while mayor Valerie Plante called the assault an "inexcusable act that has no place in Montreal."
"We are all in shock over this act of violence in a place dedicated to peace," Montreal Archbishop Christian Lepine said in a statement, lamenting that places of worship could be targets of violence.
Saint Joseph´s Oratory, built from 1920 to 1955, sits atop the north face of Mount Royal overlooking Canada´s second-largest metropolis and attracts some two million pilgrims and tourists each year.
The national shrine was founded by Brother Andre Bessette, a central religious figure among French-Canadians, who was canonized by Pope Benedict in 2010 for his devotion to the sick and disabled.
Jean-Francois Lefebvre, who was working in front of the oratory when the attack unfolded, said he saw police arrive and take away the suspect in handcuffs.
"I find this incident very unfortunate, in a place so peaceful, that attracts millions of visitors," he told AFP.
"With what happened in Christchurch, it seems that all places of worship are being targeted," he added, referencing an attack at two mosques in New Zealand last Friday that left 50 dead and 50 wounded.
In 2017, a shooter also gunned down six worshippers at a mosque in Quebec City.

Jesus Rescues Us From Our Prison - Full Sermon

Prison, your nature has been taken captive to be in prison, Prison, so many envy your position, But without freedom how can you know you are in a prison how can you know your prison until you know your condition today you can find out who is your warden and who has the key to freedom.
Credit | Rev. Dr. Mark L Turcio
Lead Pastor, Goshen Hill Church

Why Christians Should Think About Death?

Why should Christians think more about death?

— The Bible says it’s wise to do so.
— It connects us to the promises of God.
— It grants us solidarity with those who are on the brink of death.

Credit | Matt McCullough9Marks Website

US-Pakistan Relations 'Very Good', Says Trump

US President Donald Trump has said that  Relations between the United States and Pakistan are "very good".
Trump's remarks, regarding US-Pakistan relations, came on Thursday when he was depart for Ohio, where he's set to visit a tank factory and will meet with supporters. The US president said his administration will soon be meeting with Pakistani officials.
The US-Pakistan relations have been improving since Trump administration praised Prime Minister Imran Khan’s role in facilitating the Afghan peace process. Last month, Trump had said the US has developed a “much better” relationship recently with Pakistan and had added that the US may set up some meetings with Pakistan.

Mobile App Developed to Ensure Safe Journey on Highways in Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan (APP) | National  Highway Authority (NHA) has taken an innovative initiative with the introduction of mobile App, which enables travelers to get information regarding road safety - fog, weather, and traffic condition.
The basic purpose behind this move is to serve commuters and ensure a safe journey on motorways and highways in the country, especially during foggy and smoggy conditions.
The application software is designed to aid travelers by timely notification of available scenarios, fed into the system by App Monitors of NH&MP and displayed on user dashboard through virtual bulletin boards.
The range of messages covers blockades, closures, diversion, fog, blind spots, black spots, and congestions.
The authority, keeping in mind safe journey for commuters, has also ensured placement of traffic signs including warning signs, regulatory signs, and information signs to warn and guide drivers of upcoming changes in roads, e.g. placement of chevrons on curves.
Official sources on Sunday said the placement of reflective Pavement Markings on center lanes and road edges, placement of Cat Eyes along with Pavement Markings to make night driving safe and placement of Delineators and Angle reflectors on new Jersey Barrier were also assured to help drivers during foggy season and night time.
The sources said NHA has provided lighting in urban areas to increase safety during the foggy season while informatory boards, kilometer posts, and gantry signboards were also 0placed which are helpful during driving in foggy smoggy season.
Weather/foggy conditions are determined through Variable Message Sign (VMS).
Similarly, highlighting the steps were taken by National Highway & Motorway Police (NH&MP) the sources said these include: Public Service Vehicle (PSV) transporters are directed to put on fog lights in front as well as in the rear.
In dense fog, when visibility is zero, slow-moving and non-motorized vehicles are being parked at safe places i.e.petrol pumps or hotels till visibility is improved.
The vehicles carrying load projected outside vehicles dimension are not allowed to enter on National Highways during the foggy season.
Effective coordination with Frontier Works Organization (FWO), Edhi, Rescue 1122 and Meteorological Departments to tackle any emergency situation.
The sources said special attention is being paid on the briefing to road users about safety measures including speed limits, use of fog lights, driving care in fog, safe distance, avoid unnecessary travelling etc.
Moreover, briefing to slow-moving vehicles includes: use of reflectors/pasting of reflectors by NH&MP, avoid travelling on highway after sunset, use of hard shoulder/soft shoulder, guidance centers have been established with Helpline 130 facility for road users as well as general public to make themselves update through landline while Beat Control communicate the briefing officer about prevailing emergency situation and necessary instructions for road users.
The sources said status of fog point (point to point) is being conveyed well in time through electronic and print media (TV channels and FM) for convenience and safety of road users, black-spots are properly monitored and covered to avoid any attempt of robbery/dacoity on highways while special anti-crime squads are being deployed at crime black spots in order to avert any attempt of crime.
Moreover, maximum safety/precautionary measures like wearing of reflecting jackets and use of strobe/fog lights, hooter are being taken with extra vigilance and diligence by NH&MP officers.
National Highway and Motorway Police have also launched an App "NHMP Hamsafar".
The users can call on NH&MP helpline 130 by pressing this menu.
This will connect the call to NH&MP Call Centre.
The official channel allocated to NH&MP is FM-95 which operates round the clock with the mandate to impart road safety awareness through entertainment and also transmit regular updates on the national road network.

New Law to Govern Marriage Registration, Inheritance of Christian Community, Sindh Pakistan

Report (The News International) | The Sindh government has started preparations to introduce a new law in the province for the registration of marriages of the Christian community and the resolution and streamlining of the community’s inheritance-related issues.
The information to this effect was passed on by Barrister Murtaza Wahab, the adviser to the Sindh chief minister on law and information, on Sunday as he met a delegation of the Christian community led by an MPA of the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Anthony Naveed.
The law adviser assured the delegation that the provincial government would make the law to resolve the complications and issues related to inheritance and marriages of the people of the Christian community.
A bill related to the Christian community’s marriage and inheritance law would be tabled in the Sindh Assembly for the legislature’s approval, Wahab said, adding that the law department was currently working on the draft bill.
He maintained that the law department had also initiated consultations for the draft bill with all the stakeholders concerned, including representatives of the community as having their feedback was important to make the law effective.
The people of the Christian community in Sindh would soon hear the good news that their marriage rules have been formalised and codified in the shape of proper law, Wahab said. He added that the PPP was a political party for the entire country, which believed in serving masses without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, sect, or ethnicity.
The delegation thanked the adviser for making efforts to give a formal shape to the family law of the Christian community. Later, talking to The News, the delegation head, Naveed, said there existed a marriage law for Christians dating back to 1869 which dealt with the matters related to the registration and formalisation of marriages of the members of the community.
The PPP MPA added that the law had become too obsolete as it was centuries-old now and dated back to the colonial era. He stressed the need for replacing the old law with a new marriage registration and inheritance legislation that could address the social, marital, and inheritance needs of the Christian community in the present era.
Naveed expressed his hope that the Sindh Assembly would pass the law just like it had passed the Hindu Marriage Bill some time back for solemnising marriages of the Hindu community in the province.

Medical Student’s Death

Wahab also took notice of the mysterious death of a medical student, Baby Murri, in Mirpurkhas. He directed the relevant police authorities to investigate the matter thoroughly and leave no stone unturned in ascertaining the actual cause of the student’s death.
The law adviser directed the deputy inspector general (DIG) of Mirpurkhas to carry out proper investigations into the incident. He asked the DIG to offer full cooperation of the police to the family of the deceased student, who sought justice.
Wahab also sought details from the officer regarding the murder of a person, Ghinsham Bheek, in Kunri. The DIG Mirpurkhas informed him that some accomplices of the perpetrator involved in the murder had been arrested.
According to the DIG, the murderer had fled to Punjab after the crime and raids were being conducted to arrest him. Ordering exhaustive inquiry into the incident, Wahab said to the DIG that no negligence on the police’s part in investigations and the arrest of the culprit would be tolerated.

Whatsapp Working on New Features to Help Thwart Fake News

To prevent the spread of misinformation, Facebook team and Whatsapp creators are building a new feature for the messaging app. 
The new option will now allow the user to quickly verify the source of the image or other media shared to him. With this feature, users will be able to verify the authenticity of the images shared to them using Google search engine to check if they had ever appeared on the web before. The unnamed feature relies on ‘Google’s reverse image search’ function.
To fight against the spread of unsubstantiated misinformation which results into fake news or propaganda, this new feature is going to be introduced by Whatsapp soon. 
The messaging app has been introducing various safeguards on the platform for the security of its users as it is one of the most used applications today by the people.

Karachi Becomes 6th Cheapest City to Live in

Karachi has been named one of the cheapest cities to live in, taking the sixth spot on the list with over 133 in the world.
A BBC report citing a survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit revealed that Karachi is the sixth, least expensive city in the world beating Indian capital of New Delhi which lies on number eight, while the list was led by Venezuelan city of Caracas through a comparison done of over 133 cities.
On the other hand, Syria’s Damascus was the second cheapest in the world followed by Uzbekistan’s Tashkent.
Moreover, the report also revealed Argentina, Venezuela, Turkey, and Brazil saw a severe decline in their living cost in 2019, with a growing number of places around the globe becoming less expensive owing to economic and political factors.
On the contrary, Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore maintained their top spots in the world’s most expensive cities for dwellers.

Followers of Christ Whether the Storms, Full Sermon

How many of us have gone through the storms of life? We live in a broken world hurt, pain, sorrow, sadness, Loneliness, broken relations, Broken trusts. We do not have to go through this alone. In this message, we will see how our Faith and commitment to Jesus Christ will make a difference in how we whether these natural storms of life.
Sermon By | Dr. Mark L Turcio
Lead Pastor, Goshen Hill Church

Get Pakistani Visa Online in 7-10 Working Days

NADRA, Pakistan | According to National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra), with the introduction of the online facility, tourists seeking to obtain visas to Pakistan will be able to do so within the comforts of their home, without having to visit a Pakistan embassy or consulate.
They simply have to log in to, fill out the application, upload the required documents and make the visa fee payment.
Successful applicants will be sent a notification via email and SMS which will be reviewed upon entry into Pakistan.
The government plans to provide this online visa facility to the residents of over 175 countries.

Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)
1 Albania               
2 Andorra
3 Angola
4 Antigua and Barbuda
5 Argentina
6 Australia
7 Austria
8 Azerbaijan
9 Bahamas, 
10 Bahrain
11 Bangladesh
12 Barbados
13 Belarus
14 Belgium
15 Belize
16 Benin
17 Bolivia
18 Bosnia andHerzegovina
19 Botswana
20 Brazil
21 Brunei
22 Bulgaria
23 Burkina Faso
24 Burundi
25 Cambodia
26 Cameroon
27 Canada
28 Capbo Verde
29 Central African Republic
30 Chile
31 China
32 Colombia
33 Comoros
34 Congo (Republic)
35 Costa Rica
36 Cote d’ Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
37 Croatia
38 Cuba
39 Cyprus
40 Czech Republic
41 Denmark
42 Djibouti
43 Dominica
44 Dominican Republic
45 Ecuador
46 Egypt
47 El Salvador
48 Equatorial Guinea
49 Eritrea
50 Estonia
51 Ethiopia
52 Fiji
53 Finland
54 France
55 Gabon
56 Gambia
57 Georgia
58 Germany
59 Ghana
60 Greece
61 Grenada
62 Guatemala
63 Guinea
64 Guinea-Bissau
65 Guyana
66 Haiti
67 Holy See (Vatican City)
68 Honduras
69 Hungary
70 Iceland
71 Indonesia
72 Iran
73    Ireland
74    Italy
75    Jamaica
76    Japan
77    Jordan
78    Kazakhstan
79    Kenya
80    Kiribati
81    Korea (South)
82    Kosovo
83    Kuwait
84    Kyrgyzstan
85    Laos
86    Latvia
87    Lebanon
88    Lesotho
89    Liberia
90    Liechtenstein
91    Lithuania
92    Luxembourg
93    Macedonia
94    Madagascar
95    Malawi
96    Malaysia
97    Maldives
98    Mali
99    Malta
100  Marshall Island
101 Mauritius
102 Mexico
103 Micronesia
104 Moldova
105 Monaco
106 Mongolia
107 Montenegro
108 Morocco
109 Mozambique
110 Myanmar
111 Namibia
112 Nauru
113 Nepal
114 Netherlands
115 New Zealand
116 Nicaragua
117 Niger
118 Norway
119 Oman
120 Palau
121 Panama
122 Papua New Guinea
123 Paraguay
124 Peru
125 Philippine
126 Poland
127 Portugal
128 Qatar
129 Romania
130 Russia
131 Rwanda
132 Saint Kitts and Nevis
133 Saint Lucia
134 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
135 San Marino
136 Sao Tome and Principe
137 Saudi Arabia
138 Senegal
139 Serbia
140 Seychelles
141 Sierra Leone
142 Singapore
143 Slovakia Republic
144 Slovenia
145 Solomon Islands
146 South Africa
147 Spain
148 Sri Lanka
149 Suriname
150 Sweden
151 Switzerland
152 Tajikistan
153 Tanzania
154 Thailand
155 Timor-Lest
156 Togo
157 Tonga
158 Trinidad & Tobago
159 Tunisia
160 Turkey
161 Turkmenistan
162 Tuvalu
163 U.A.E
164 U.K.
165 U.S.A
166 Uganda
167 Ukraine
168 Uruguay
169 Uzbekistan
170 Vanuatu
171 Venezuela
172 Vietnam
173 Western Samoa
174 Zambia
175 Zimbabwe

Visa on Arrival:

1. Angola
2. Argentina
3. Austria
4. Azerbaijan
5. Bahamas
6. Bahrain (30 days Multiple Entries)
7. Barbados
8. Botswana
9. Brunei
10. Costa Rica
11. Finland
12. Germany
13. Ghana
14. Iceland
15. Indonesia
16. Italy
17. Japan
18. Jordan
19. Korea (South)
20. Kuwait (30 days Multiple Entries)
21. Lithuania
22. Luxembourg
23. Malaysia (30 days Multiple Entries)
24. Maldives
25. Malta
26. Monaco
27. Mozambique
28. Nepal
29. New Zealand
30. Oman (30 days Multiple Entries)
31. Paraguay
32. Qatar (30 days Multiple Entries)
33. Rwanda
34. Saint Kitts and Nevis
35. Saint Lucia
36. Saudi Arabia (30 days Multiple Entries)
37. Singapore
38. Spain
39. Sri Lanka
40. Switzerland
41. Tajikistan
42. Tanzania
43. Thailand
44. Tonga
45. Trinidad & Tobago
46. Tunisia
47. Turkey (30 days Multiple Entries)
48. UAE (30 days Multiple Entries)
49. Western Samoa
50. Zambia

Christian Family Laws to be Approved Soon, CM Sindh Advisor

Karachi, Pakistan | Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh for Information, Law and Anticorruption Barrister Murtaza Wahab has assured that draft of Christian family laws would soon be approved from Sindh Assembly so that Christian community could resolve their problems of inheritance and other family issues smoothly.
Barrister Murtaza Wahab was talking to a delegation a led by member Sindh Assembly Anthony Naveed which met him on Monday.
He assured that the draft of Christian family laws would soon be approved from Sindh Assembly so that the Christian community could resolve their problems of inheritance and other family issues smoothly.
The advisor said that assistance of Church would be sought in drafting family laws for the Christian community so that a comprehensive set of law could be legislated in the best interest of the community.
The delegation praised the Advisor Barrister Murtaza Wahab for listening to their genuine problem.

Useful Tips For Mobile Phones Security

Islamabad, Pakistan (APP) | Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has shared useful tips for the general public as part of its awareness campaign to secure users’ mobile handsets.
Millions of mobile phone users in the country are facing security and privacy issues.
This initiative is part of the campaign that PTA started in early March where the authorities urged WhatsApp users to enable two-step verification.
The six tips that PTA shared are quite useful and are generally recommended by cyber-security experts around the world.
Back in 2014, TechRadar - a global media outlet also issued 10 tips to secure mobile phone, however, this initiative by telecom regulator of the country is a good decision in the right direction.

The six tips issued by PTA to secure mobile phone include:

1. Always lock your mobile using a "Pin/Password" to avoid its misuse.
2. Install Apps only from "trusted Apps stores".
3. Turn-off Bluetooth connection of device when not in use.
4. Must encrypt data on internal and external media.
5. Timely installs updates/patches.
6. Always use a VPN on public Wi-Fi/un-trusted network.

Getting into details of the points, above-noted by PTA, it is always the best solution to use PIN/password/pattern to lock phone because other bio-metric technologies like the fingerprint scanner and facial recognition setup could be easily fooled or misused.
Moreover, the point that briefs use of "trusted apps" means that one must always install apps from Apple's App Store or Google Play Store, other than these apps tend to be less secure.
Meanwhile, Bluetooth can also present major security risks as this wireless tech may connect with unwanted networks.
Therefore, it is recommended that Bluetooth must be turned off once used.
Installation of Android/iOS security updates and security patches is quite important as they secure phones and make them more invulnerable.
Public Wifi hotspots have become one of the major sources of data misuse and use of VPN to encrypt connections sounds like an impressive idea.

What Does it Mean to be Made in the Image of God?

Credit | WWUTT

11 Christians Killed Every Day for Their Faith

Christians in the Middle East: MEPs condemn persecution, discrimination based on religion. © European Union 2011 PE-EP/Pietro Naj-Oleari

Raymond Ibrahim (Gatestone Institute) | Last year, Christians were persecuted more than ever before in the modern era — and this year is expected to be worse: "4,136 Christians were killed for faith-related reasons," according to Open Doors USA in its recently published World Watch List 2019 (WWL) of the top 50 nations where Christians are persecuted. "On average, that's 11 Christians killed every day for their faith." Additionally, "2,625 Christians were detained without trial, arrested, sentenced and imprisoned" in 2018, and "1,266 churches or Christian buildings were attacked."
Whereas 215 million Christians faced persecution in 2018, 245 million will suffer in 2019, according to Open Doors — a 14% increase, that represents 30 million more people abused for their faith. This means that "1 in 9 Christians experience high levels of persecution worldwide" (note: all quotations in this article are from the WWL 2019).
One of the most noteworthy trends concerns the "shocking reality of persecution against women."
"In many places, they experience a 'double persecution' — one for being a Christian and one for being a woman. Even in the most restricted circumstances, gender-specific persecution is a key means of destroying the minority Christian community."
Last year's WWL provided more specific numbers: "At least six women every day are raped, sexually harassed or forced into marriage to a Muslim man under the threat of death for their Christian faith..."
Another trend, one that should send an alarm, is that "For the first time since the start of the World Watch List, India has entered the top 10" -- meaning Christians there are now experiencing "extreme persecution":
"Christians have been targeted by Hindu nationalist extremists more each year. Since the current ruling party took power in 2014, attacks have increased, and Hindu radicals believe they can attack Christians with no consequences. The view of the nationalists is that to be Indian is to be Hindu, so any other faith — including Christianity — is viewed as non-Indian. Additionally, in some regions of the country, converts to Christianity from Hinduism experience extreme persecution, discrimination, and violence."
The most obvious trend remains unchanged:
"Islamic oppression continues to impact millions of Christians. In seven out of the top 10 World Watch List countries, the primary cause of persecution is Islamic oppression. This means, for millions of Christians — particularly those who grew up Muslim or were born into Muslim families — openly following Jesus can have painful consequences. They can be treated as second-class citizens, discriminated against for jobs or even violently attacked."
Not only is that responsible for the persecution Christians face in seven of the ten worst nations; 38 of the 50 nations making the list are Muslim-majority.
Among the worst persecutors are those that rule according to Sharia. In Afghanistan (ranked #2), "Christianity is not permitted to exist" because it "is an Islamic state by constitution, which means government officials, ethnic group leaders, religious officials, and citizens are hostile toward adherents of any other religion." Similarly, in Somalia, (#3), "The Christian community is small and under constant threat of attack. Sharia law and Islam are enshrined in the country's constitution, and the persecution of Christians almost always involves violence." In Iran (#9), "society is governed by Islamic law, which means the rights and professional possibilities for Christians are heavily restricted."
While the forms persecution and actors behind them vary, many seem connected to Islam. For example, "Under Pakistan's notorious blasphemy laws, Christians continue to live in daily fear they will be accused of blasphemy — which can carry a penalty of death." In Libya (#4), Yemen (#8), Syria (#11), Iraq (#13) war has given rise to Islamic militancy and general lawlessness, both of which prey on Christian minorities.
In Muslim nations where Christians make up a minority, a significant quantity of churches might be needed to meet their numbers — the visibility of which may offend Muslim sensibilities. Thus in Egypt (#16), where Christians number at least 10% of the population (possibly even double that):
"Severe restrictions on building or securing places for worship prevent Christians from congregating, in addition to hostility and violence toward believers who do gather. In recent years, Islamic extremist groups have targeted Christians and churches in numerous violent and deadly acts of persecution."
"The spread of radical Islam across sub-Saharan Africa" is another growing and troubling trend. For example,
"Nigeria's score for violence [99.9%] has stayed as high as possible, primarily due to the increased attacks on Christian communities by militant Fulani herdsmen. These attacks claimed the lives of hundreds of believers during the reporting period, and villages and churches burned to the ground. Additionally, in parts of northern Nigeria, Christians are treated as second-class citizens."
Some of WWL's findings are surprising. Although Orthodox Christians are the majority of its population, the Russian Federation is #41, and the "source of persecution" is, again, "Islamic oppression": "Christians in parts of Russia dominated by Islam report the highest level of persecution."
Despite the role of religion, North Korea (#1) remains the worst nation, where "never-ending pressure and violence" is directed against Christians:
"The primary driver of persecution in North Korea is the state. For three generations, everything in the country has focused on idolizing the Kim family. Christians are seen as hostiles to be eradicated."
As difficult as it is for Christians identified by the Kim regime, there may be some eventual relief for them and those in other communist nations (such as China, #27): cults of personalities might last so long, but in the Arab and Muslim world, where, sadly, there seems to be little or no education to respect religious differences, the weight of the dominant religion continues to permeate all of society.

Raymond Ibrahim, an author of the new book, Sword and Scimitar, Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West, is a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute and a Judith Rosen Friedman Fellow at the Middle East Forum.