Moderator Sutlej Reformed Church Calls to Pray for the Peace Between India and Pakistan

Image: courtesy Aaghaz-e-Dosti calendar 2018
Bahawalpur, Pakistan | With the risk of war escalating between India and Pakistan following an Indian airstrike inside Pakistan on Tuesday (Feb 26, 2019), The Right Reverend Arslan Ul-Haq (Moderator, Sutlej Reformed Church of Pakistan) has appealed national and international community of faith to pray for the peace between both countries. 

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Scholarships For Minority Students of Punjab, Pakistan 2019 | Download Form Here

Punjab, Pakistan | Human Rights & Minority Affairs Punjab, Pakistan Scholarships 2018-19 for Minorities Students Application Form

وزارت برائے انسانی حقوق و اقلیتی امور پنجاب پاکستان کی طرف سے اقلیتوں سے تعلق رکھنے والے طلباء و طالبات کے لئے تعلیمی وظائف 2018-19۔

ذیل میں دئے گئے لنک سے فارم ڈاون لوڈ کریں۔

Last Date: March 11, 2019
فارم جمع کروانے کی آخری تاریخ: 11 مارچ 2019ء
یہ وظائف صرف صوبہ پنجاب سے تعلق رکھنے والے اقلیتی طلباء طالبات کے لئے ہیں۔

Missionary Visa For An Year | Pakistan's New Visa Regime

Following are the highlights of unprecedented liberalisation of Visa Regime opening up to the World

•    175 countries to receive E-Visa
•    Visa on arrival for 50 countries (earlier they were 24)
•    IATA approved Tour Operators will be allowed to bring tourist groups to Pakistan
•    Canadian and British passport holders Sikhs will be allowed to avail of this facility
•    Business Visa from 68 countries to 96 countries (Business documented would be needed)
•    Work Visa: Pak Missions will issue visas on the recommendation of BOI
•    Family Visit: 5 years Multiple Entry Visa in 7-10 working days
•    Pak Missions will be allowed to grant 5 years validity and one year stay (Multiple) entry visa to foreigners of Pak origin and their spouses
•    Diplomatic Visa: Tenure of diplomatic /official assignment
•    Tablighi visa: 45 days
•    House Aide Visa
•    Student Visa: 02 Years
•    Free movement of foreigners in open cantonment
•    Close cantonments will retain prohibited status
•    Visible signboard to be installed at restricted areas instead of whole district or tehsil
•    Border crossing will be open/non-restricted
•    AJK & GB to be non-restricted
•    Revised list of restricted /prohibited areas

Visa Fees being rationalized

YouTube, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook Responding More Quickly to Hate Speech | EU

Brussels, Belgium (AFP) | Internet giants have more than doubled the rate at 
which they fight hate speech online than when they joined the European Union´s voluntary approach in 2016, EU officials said Monday.
Firms like YouTube, Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook are now assessing 89 percent of flagged content within 24 hours and removing 72 percent of content deemed illegal, the officials said.
The figures compare to 40 percent and 28 percent respectively when the firms signed up to a code of conduct in 2016, according to officials with the European Commission, the EU´s executive arm.
"The results show that the platforms have taken their obligations seriously," the EU´s justice and consumer affairs commissioner Vera Jourova told a press conference.
The EU joined forces with US-based internet firms nearly three years ago amid growing alarm in Europe over the use of social media as an extremist recruiting tool, especially by the Islamic State group.
The founding participants were YouTube, Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook. Last year Instagram, the Google+ social network, Snapchat, and Dailymotion joined the effort.
Jourova said the French gaming platform announced their participation on Monday.
But the Czech commissioner warned: "Good results don´t mean companies are off the hook."
Jourova urged the internet companies to improve feedback to users as well as providing more transparency on notices and removals.
Jourova recommended continuing with the voluntary approach after the latest commission review but said Brussels reserved the right to resort to regulation if needed.
"The fight against illegal hate speech online is not over," she said.

Early Cervical Cancer Diagnosis Could Save Lives of Over 300,000 Women | WHO

United Nations | In a statement on World Cancer Day, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) has said that nine out of ten women who die from cervical cancer are from poor countries and that if no action is taken, deaths from the disease will rise by almost 50 percent by 2040.
The disease kills more than 300,000 women worldwide every year, with one woman diagnosed every minute, despite the fact that it is one of the most preventable and curable forms of the disease, UN health agency stated on Monday.
The WHO points out that new diagnoses can be reduced by ensuring that all 9-14-year-old girls globally are vaccinated against Human papillomavirus (HPV), a group of viruses that are extremely common worldwide, two types of which cause 70 percent of cervical cancers.
Women have limited access to preventative measures in developing countries,  and cervical cancer is often not identified until it has reached an advanced stage. while access to treatment of late-stage cervical cancer – such as surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy – is also very limited, resulting in higher death rates in these countries.
WHO says that innovative technologies and strategies, access to diagnosis and early-stage treatment of invasive cancers are needed to eliminate the disease.
With the aim of eliminating cervical cancer, many countries have already joined forces under the UN Joint Global Programme on Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control, a five-year programme to provide global leadership and technical assistance to governments and their partners as they build national cervical cancer control 

Women's Brains Appear Years Younger Than Men´s | Study

Washington, USA (AFP) | Women tend to outlive men and stay mentally sharp longer, and a new study out Monday could explain why: female brains appear on average about three years younger.
The study enrolled 121 women and 84 men, who underwent PET scans to measure brain metabolism or the flow of oxygen and glucose in their brains.
Like other organs in the body, the brain uses sugar as fuel. But just how it metabolizes glucose can reveal a lot about the brain´s metabolic age.
Subjects ranged from their 20s to 80s, and across those age spans, women´s brains appeared metabolically younger than men´s, said the findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a peer-reviewed US journal.
A machine-learned algorithm showed that women´s brains were on average about 3.8 years younger than their chronological ages.
And when compared to men, male brains were about were 2.4 years older than their true ages.
"It´s not that men´s brains age faster," said senior author Manu Goyal, assistant professor of radiology at Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis.
"They start adulthood about three years older than women, and that persists throughout life," said Goyal.

But Why?

One theory is that hormones might begin shaping brain metabolism at a young age, setting females on a pattern that is more youthful throughout their lives, compared to men.
Scientists hope to find out if metabolic differences in the brain may play a protective role for women, who tend to score better than men on cognitive tests of reason, memory and problem-solving in old age.
It "could mean that the reason women don´t experience as much cognitive decline in later years is that their brains are effectively younger," said Goyal.
More work is underway to confirm and better understand the implications of the research. 

Determined Kashmiris will Succeed, DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor

Rawalpindi, Pakistan | Military spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor has said that determined Kashmiris shall succeed Insha Allah (God Willing) in their legitimate freedom struggle.
In his message on Kashmir Solidarity Day, Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) said “Kashmir remains a long pending unresolved issue on UN agenda since 1948. Decades of atrocities by Indian Occupation Forces have failed to suppress ever strengthening legitimate freedom struggle.”
He went on to say “determined Kashmiris shall succeed IA”.

Uzbekistan Gives Visa-Free Entry to Visitors From 45 Countries

AFP | Uzbekistan on Friday granted visa-free entry to citizens of 45 countries to boost tourism, which the government views as vital for economic growth.
The countries benefiting from a 30-day visa waiver that went into force on Friday include the majority of European countries including Britain as well as Australia, Canada, Argentina, and Chile. The United States is a notable exception.
The impoverished ex-Soviet country has made tourism a priority to reduce its dependence on commodity exports.
The government is keen to show off the lavish Silk Road heritage of ancient cities such as Bukhara, Khiva, and Samarkand.
Earlier this year, Uzbekistan granted a 30-day visa waiver to Germany while France became the first European Union country to benefit from the measure last year.
Uzbekistan´s tourism committee said last month that annual visitor numbers for 2018 were 5.3 million, double the figure for 2017.
President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has reversed a number of policies that hampered tourism under his late predecessor Islam Karimov.
Among the restrictions he scrapped was a ban on photography in the capital Tashkent´s ornate metro that had led to police detentions of unsuspecting tourists.
Mirziyoyev´s bid to boost tourism in the immediate aftermath of Karimov´s death in 2016 suffered a false start.
In December that year, he issued an order easing or cancelling visa requirements for visitors from 27 developed countries but this was swiftly reversed before coming into force.
Observers attributed the reversal to resistance within the powerful security apparatus.
Uzbekistan already offers visa-free entry to visitors from Turkey, Israel, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan, in addition to the long-standing reciprocal visa-free entry for citizens of most former Soviet countries.

Google Plans to Shut Down its Google Plus Service

Google is reportedly shutting down its Google Plus Service in April 2019.
Citing The Mercury News, The Hill reported that the service is being shut down on April 2 due to security concerns. 
 It said the closure of Google Plus comes six months after the Internet giant said it would expedite the shutdown process.
The Hill said it approached Google for comments and it has yet to receive an answer.
The report further said the service was scheduled to be closed in August, but Google announced that a vulnerability affecting millions of users forced it to expedite the process.
“No third party compromised our systems, and we have no evidence that the app developers that inadvertently had this access for six days were aware of it or misused it in any way,” Google’s vice president of product management David Thacker was reported by The Hill to have written on the software bug last year,".