Islamabad, Pakistan (APP) | Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has urged people to file their income tax returns at the earliest to take advantage of numerous facilities offered by the government for active taxpayers and to avoid disadvantages of being non-filers.
For the facilitation of people, the authority has already extended the deadline for filing the income tax return to December 15.
Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of being tax filer and non-filer, a source in FBR said that immediately after filing income tax returns, the name of the filer would be enlisted among the active taxpayers.
Whereas they added, in case of failure in filing tax returns by the due date, the taxpayers would have to wait for one whole year to become an active taxpayer.
Similarly, tax filers would have to pay only half of withholding tax as compared to the tax being paid by non-filers.
A non-filer cannot purchase any property that is valued over Rs five million whereas active taxpayers are not barred from purchasing any property.
Furthermore, the importers would have to pay eight percent tax(Rs 160,000 on Rs two million) on import of raw material whereas the tax filerspay only 5.5 percent (for example Rs 110,000 on Rs two million) on import of raw material whereas non-filer exporters would have to pay nine percent duty i.e (Rs180,000 on export of goods worth Rs 2 million) on commercial exports.
However, the filers pay only six percent duty (Rs 120,000 on the export of goods worth Rs two million) on their commercial exports.
Likewise, non-filers will have to pay 20 percent tax on their dividends (company's profit) against the 15 percent tax paid by active taxpayers.
Sources further informed that non-filers pay 15 percent tax on the profit of banks and saving scheme against the 10 percent tax paid by filers, whereas the tax filers pay 4.5 percent duty on the supply of goods to the government, and companies as compared to 9 percent tax paid by the non-filers.
On the amount of contracts, the non-filers pay 15 percent tax against 7.5 percent tax paid by the filers and active taxpayers pay 15 percent tax on prize money of prize bonds whereas non-filers pay 25 percent tax on the same.
Similarly, taxpayers pay 12 percent tax on commission amount whereas non-taxpayers pay 15 percent tax on the same.
On annual token of vehicles, filers pay Rs 800 to 10,000 while non-filers pay Rs 1200 to Rs 30,000tax, whereas on registration of vehicles, tax filers pay Rs 15000 to Rs 250,000as withholding tax while non-filers pay Rs 25000 to Rs 400,000. On cash withdrawal of over Rs 50,000, tax filers pay 0.3 percent tax against 0.6 percent tax paid by the non-filers, whereas filers pay nothing on bank transactions (cross cheque, pay order, and demand draft) while on-filers pay Rs 600 as tax on each bank transaction.
Furthermore, on property transfer, active taxpayer pay only one percent tax against two percent tax paid by non-filers, and tax filer pay two percent on the total amount of purchased property while non-filer pay four percent on the same.
The non-filer pay 10 percent tax on auctioning by the government and other companies whereas non-filers pay 15 percent on the auction of goods of government or other companies.

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