Islamabad, Pakistan (Christians in Pakistan) | Following the reprisal from hardliners, Pakistani lawmaker has questioned Government of Pakistan about the security measures taken for the churches across the country. Agitated mobs pose a threat to churches in Pakistan, incensed by the acquittal of Asia Bibi – a Pakistani Christian woman on death row over fabricated blasphemy charges.
In the face of the current situation of mayhem, Senator Abdul Rehman Malik-Chairman of Senate’s Standing Committee on Interior has questioned the government about steps taken to ensure the security of churches in the country. He sought a briefing from the Ministry of Interior in this regard during Senate’s meeting scheduled on November 9.
For this purpose he has sent a letter to the Ministry of Interior, seeking briefing about the safety and security of the Prime Minister and the Supreme Court judges and other dignitaries who were involved in the landmark verdict. “Inform as to what steps have the federal government and provincial governments so far taken to safeguard the Churches in the country,” he stated in his letter.
In this regard, Senator Rehman Malik said the Senate’s Standing Committee on Interior would like to have a detailed briefing on the current disorderly situation in the country. He also sought about measures taken by the Interior Ministry to ensure the safety of the public. “The Interior Ministry and provincial government should also ensure the security of the churches throughout the country,” he directed.
The situation aggravated on October 31, shortly after SC’s verdict on Asia Bibi’s appeal was announced. Incensed protesters started flooding the streets and roads causing the great commotion. The protesters demanded the reversal of Asia Bibi’s acquittal calling for her death. Prior to the announcement of the verdict, the hardliners had already threatened of dire consequences if Asia Bibi was acquitted.


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