Karachi, Pakistan (Christians in Pakistan) | Young Pakistani Christian teenager sustains sever injuries after being inhumanly thrashed by a gang of religious extremists. Details emerged that 15-year-old Cecil is still receiving medical treatment for the injuries he had sustained due to this attack.
Father of Cecil, Mr. Yousaf told International Christian Concern that his son was brutally beaten by a group of religious extremists back in August. “The religiously motivated group thrashed him badly. His foot was hit with some sharp weapon causing the skin on his foot to peel off, exposing the bones”.
“Cecil is still under medical treatment and his life is being threatened,” he added, as he explained that despite the fact that two months have gone by still he has not recovered. He said that he has received warnings not to pursue a police case against the perpetrators.
Cecil’s father explained that the conflict started a few months ago when Cecil resisted a group of religiously motivated people from a local madrassah. The group purportedly wanted to force Christians of Cecil’s neighborhood to convert. They mocked him and ridiculed him afterward attacked his house.
Mr. Yousaf stated: “In February, an armed mob attacked our house and tortured family members which resulted in minor injuries to the family’s women and head injuries to Cecil. The mob made their way in, breaking the main gate of the house at midnight.”
“The attackers broke the doors, windows, fans, furniture, damaged the vehicle, and looted the valuables, including two laptops, four mobile phones, and cash,” he said. Cecil was later shifted to a safe location with the help of a Christian organization. Cecil remained there for six months, in August the extremists targeted him once again.
Mr. K. Anthony Coordinator for the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace, while explaining the incident said that Cecil was ‘inhumanely’ tortured. “This is [an] alarming situation for the religious minorities. The government must take sincere measures to curb religious extremism and promote religious harmony. Every citizen should enjoy religious freedom and protection as per constitutional guarantees,” he told ICC.
Mr. Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) stated: “Pakistan is increasingly exhibiting an intolerance to non-Muslims that have to be tackled by its government. That extremists can induce riots and bring the country to a standstill is bewildering.”
“We call on the Government of Pakistan to assure Christians their safety during these tumultuous times, moreover we call for people to pray for a restoration of peace in a nation that is riven by fundamentalism.”


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