The News International | WhatsApp has now finally rolled out its much-awaited Stickers feature for everyone with an updated app, WABetaInfo reported.
“You need to update your WhatsApp version to the 2.18.329 Android (the reception is enabled since the 2.18.310 Android) and the 2.18.100 iOS updates in order to remotely receive the activation of the Stickers feature,” it added.
While the activation is very slow on IOS, Android users should be immediately able to use the feature on 2.18.329.
If you have the updated version and still don’t see the feature, then you need to reinstall the app but before you remove, don’t forget to create a backup of your chat history.
“Seen that it’s necessary the 2.18.100 update for IOS, all iPhones having iOS 7 won’t be able to use this feature. Precedent versions will not receive the feature. You need to update to the latest version available,” the report further stated.

12 Stickers Packs:

Cuppy by Minseung Song, Salty by Alisa Kryzhanovska, Komo by Sanat Rath, Bibimbap Friends by Pete Ellison, Unchi & Rollie by nu1t, Shiba Inu by Aiko Kuninoi, The Maladroits by Cole Ott, Koko by Hanasake Picture Inc., Fearless and Fabulous by Ann Shen, Banana by Jayde Fish, Biscuit by Ghostbot and Hatch by Hatch.
Initially, only the static stickers are released but animated ones will also be rolled out soon.

Using stickers (Android):

To download and use stickers:

Open any chat or group.
Next to the text input field, tap Emoji > the sticker icon.
To add sticker packs, tap the plus icon.
In the Stickers popup that appears, tap the download icon next to the sticker pack you want to download. A green check mark will appear once the download is complete.
Tap the back arrow icon.
Find and tap the sticker you want to send.

Additional options:

Tap the clock icon to view your recently used stickers.
Tap the star icon to view your favorite stickers.
To favorite a sticker, tap and hold the sticker, then tap ADD.
To unfavorite a sticker, tap the star icon to go to the favorites section. Tap and hold the sticker, then tap REMOVE.
If you tap the heart box icon, it'll show a set of sticker category icons, where stickers are categorized based on the emoji displayed on the icons.
Example: Tapping the heart box icon will bring up any stickers containing hearts.
If you want more sticker options, tap the plus icon. Scroll to the bottom of the ALL STICKERS tab and tap GET MORE STICKERS. This will take you to Google Play Store, where you can download sticker apps.
To view the sticker packs you've downloaded, tap the plus icon > MY STICKERS tab. If you want to delete a specific sticker pack, tap Delete > DELETE. To reorder your sticker packs, tap and drag the four-line icon next to a sticker pack.

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