Rawalpindi, Pakistan (Christians in Pakistan)Yousaf Ebran, father of a young Pakistani Christian murdered by police expresses frustration over lack of action by police. His son Frahan Ebran was murdered by police during custody after he was arrested on suspicion of theft.
Mourning father told Christians in Pakistan that the inquiry officers in his son’s murder case were trying to write off the crime of their fellow policemen. “We are seeking for the justice for Farhan Murder but police is trying to save their own 5 policemen who committed murder of Farhan. They are already underground from their duties.” He maintains that suspending the alleged murderers is not enough, but action should be taken against them.
“My son Farhan Ebran was murdered by the Pakistani Police in the Civil line Police Station under police custody. They arrested him in the doubt that he was a thief,” he explained adding that the case against his son was fabricated, “in the First Investigation Report they mentioned wrong age and name of my son.”
Police claim that Frahan had committed suicide while in police custody. Nonetheless, the autopsy report has proved this claim incorrect. Yousaf Ebran, talking about the autopsy report of his son said: “In this autopsy report one thing is clear that Farhan didn’t commit suicide. Policemen killed him and after that, they marked his neck with thread to show that he had committed suicide.” He added, “I thank the Lord he didn’t commit suicide.”
Frahan was arrested on September 26 and was lynched by the policemen around 5:10 am next morning. Yousaf claims his son was brutally tortured during custody that caused his death. “They hanged his dead body to show that he hanged himself. They are trying to hide his murder for their safety,” he said.
Farhan’s father said that the perpetrators of his son’s murder were not arrested, the suspension is insufficient. “They are not ready to give us justice for Farhan,” he urged the media to highlight the case of his son’s murder so that the perpetrators could be brought to justice. Below is a copy of the FIR.


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