United Kingdom (Christians in Pakistan) | UK’s politician met with Pakistani Christian teenagers seeking asylum in the UK. Jeremy Corbyn leader of the Labour Party met with two brothers Sumair Bakhsh and Areeb Bakhsh along with their parents. The Christian family is facing deportation from the UK, living in Glasgow but desperately striving to get asylum.
Jeremy Corbyn spent about an hour with the Pakistani family. “Sumair and Areeb are wonderful boys, have made great achievements in school and have wonderful parents.” The meeting took place in late August. “Let’s put the word ‘human’ into our processes,” Jeremy Corbyn noted.
Richard Leonard leader of the Scottish Labour Party was also present during this meeting. He listened to their story. Previously, the issue of their deportation was raised in the media and about 83,000 people have signed an online petition urging the British Home Office not to deport the 15-year-old ad 13-year-old boys.
Sumair and Areeb sons of Maqsood Bakhsh are from Pakistan and have been living in the UK since 2012 after they fled from their homeland anticipating religion-based violence. They claimed that their father Maqsood received death threats due to which reason they left Pakistan. The family now fears vengeance from the extremists if they be deported to their country.
Church of Scotland claims that the British government has rejected their asylum plea repeatedly. “I urge the Home Secretary to stop the hostile environment and recognize the human value of those who have decided to make their homes in this country because of the oppression they face back home,” Jeremy Corbyn said. Maqsood said that Jeremy’s visit has given him little hope.


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