KARACHI (The News International) The coastal city of Karachi has been named as one of the least liveable cities in the world, according to a research conducted by the Economist Intellignece Unit (EIU) – the research analysis unit of the Economist Group.
The study that has gauged in results, according to political and social stability, crime, education, and access to healthcare of various cities, has ranked Karachi on the 137th spot, making it the fourth least liveable cities around the globe.
The only cities below Karachi were Syria’s Damascus, Bangladesh’s Dhaka and Nigeria’s Lagos.

Civil war and terrorism played a ‘strong role’ in determining the worst performing cities.
The cities held the lowest ranks, 11 occupied the very bottom tier of liveability, where ratings fell below 50 percent and most aspects of living were severely restricted.
The [low] rankings of these cities like Damascus, Karachi, and Tripoli saw conflict responsible for many of the lowest scores.
Moreover, the survey found Middle East, Africa and Asia scoring the lowest ranks; due to the factors determining stability had adverse effects on other categories too.
The EIU stated that the only cities that had seen a decline in their stability indicators over the past six months were Abu Dhabi (71st) and Dubai (69th) in the United Arab Emirates, Colombo (130th) in Sri Lanka and Warsaw (65th) in Poland.

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