LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - Dozens stood along Rivermont Avenue in Lynchburg Saturday to take a stand for immigrant families.
The First Christian Church is no stranger to political topics.

They say they believe that God loves all people and everyone should be treated with the same amount of humanity.
The protest Saturday in Lynchburg is part of an effort throughout the country for immigration policy reform.
This comes after images and news of families being separated at the border surfaced just a week ago.
The members at the church say when they saw the images of immigrant kids in detention centers, they couldn't believe that this was happening in the U.S.

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During the protest, they held up signs that said "No Human Being is Illegal" and "Unite Immigrant Families Now."
They say they're fighting for what's right.
"A demonstration like this will inspire even more and if more and more people will add their voices to the cry for justice for all people then maybe we will be successful," Reverend Cyd Cowgill said.
The protesters say they're hoping their demonstration will encourage other voters to call on their senators for change, saying they're using their voices for those who have been silenced in this situation.
There will be another protest on the separation of immigrant families in Farmville Sunday.


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