First United Methodist Church celebrating a milestone. This church opened just three years after the civil war.
On Sunday, Pastor Jon Tellifero delivered an age-old message.
"I impersonated the oldest circuit rider to this area named Elisha Bowman and he planted the gospel for the first time west of the Ouachita River."
Tellifero talked about faith and history - qualities that stand the test of time.
"Pastor Jon does a wonderful job of reminding everyone about our history and doing it in such a unique way that's enjoyable, educational and entertaining all combined," church member Alana Bradley said.
He also shared stories about the oldest living member of first united church - 90-year-old Betty Oxford, who's been a part of this community for 83 years, raising her family in West Monroe.
"There are stories about children climbing out the window to come to church. we have stories of children joining hands to join the church, Bradley said."
"Myself being 22, that seems like a long time," church member Cab Bradley said.
Oxford wasn't able to attend service Sunday, but her family was there to accept her honor. They're a part of four generations who attend this church and they say they hope to bring more.
`"It's just where we've come to know Christ and it's been a real nurturing place for us," Alana Bradley said.
One hundred fifty years worth of stories to pass down.
"It's amazing these kinds of stories that link us together," Tellifero said.
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