HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - The Church of the Lord Jesus' congregation welcomed three men from Hickory Hills Recovery Center into their church to be baptised.
The center helps men turn their lives around through a 6-12 month program.
Cory Johnson, Michael Byrd, and Mark Parrett say though addiction is something few can understand, they appreciate those who led them to Christ.
"I got to where I couldn't even function as an alcoholic," Johnson said. "I'd be laid up for weeks at a time."
Drugs and alcohol took over their lives, a pattern Michael Byrd says repeated itself.
He says he lost his mother to addiction. As a birthday present to his daughter, Byrd hopes his baptism shows her he plans to not let drugs separate them.
"It was something that I grew up around and it's been such a journey for me," he said. " [I] finally saw that I didn't want my daughter to see those things that I had to."
Now thanks to Hickory Hills and the church their addictions are washed away by the love of God.
"I [saw] them come in at their worst and they leave or come as in a day like this, getting baptized and renewing their life," Dee Thorpe said. "It's been a blessing to watch."
These men are looking forward, putting their faith in God as they celebrate this milestone in their lives.
"It was a rough and rocky road," Parrett said. "I'm glad I'm not there [any] more. I'm a good man who's going to walk the straight and narrow ... a straight road now."
Now Thorpe, along with the congregation, are praying they continue to follow the road they say leads to a new life.
"It means a lot to me because I once was out there too. To know there is hope ... there is hope in God," she said.
If you or someone you know is looking to recover from addiction, Hickory Hills encourages you to give them a call at 606.785.0141.
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